Our guarantee to you is that if you are not completely thrilled with the cleaning experience you receive from us, we will rush back to your location at no charge and no obligation to make things right. That's right, if you are not satisfied we will promptly (notice I say promptly, and that is exactly what I mean) return to re-clean any and all areas of concern. And if you are still unimpressed the service is FREE! We will refund the cost of cleaning 100%.

What could be more risk free or more fair?

How about this: If there are any spots that return with-in 2 weeks we will return to re-clean them! Not enough? How about with-in 1 month! Yes it's true. But how can we afford to do this? Because when we clean your carpets the spots don't come back. However if they do, so will we.


All New
Exclusive No-Fault Stay-Clean Guarantee

Any time you have your carpet cleaned by WOM's Carpet Cleaning within the areas of you will receive our exclusive 7 day No-Fault Stay-Clean Guarantee. For a full 7 days from the date of cleaning, if someone tracks mud, spills soda or food onto your freshly cleaned carpets, we will return to take care of the problem. (Does not cover pet stains).

Now listen to this we now offer a iron clad guarantee when you choose to have your carpets professionally protected with Maxim Advanced carpet protector. It's the Maxim Advanced One Full Year Spot or Spill Warranty

If you have any full room of carpet professionally cleaned and protected by WOM's Carpet Cleaning, we warrant that for one year from the date of application, if the treated carpet becomes stained from water-based or oil-based stains occurring during normal household use, and these stains cannot be removed by using the following Stain Removal Procedures, then we will refund the price you paid for the protector for the room in which it occurred.